Corporate Research Database

Easily search the ethical and environmental records of suppliers, sponsors, contractors and competitors with access to Ethical Consumer's unique corporate database.

In-depth, independent analysis of corporate ethical policies, reporting and performance across 18 social, environmental and animal welfare categories.


Our Database

Our Corporate Research Database is a unique resource that contains over 25 years of high quality, stress-tested research, compiled by the independent, not-for-profit co-operative Ethical Consumer Research Association.

The database contains information on over 25,000 companies and brands, including data on their environmental reporting, supply chain management, animal testing policies and much more.

We track company practice as well as company policy, through monitoring news and business media as well as campaign group sources from around the world. Read more about how we conduct our research >

The records are regularly updated by our team of highly qualified researchers, who specialise in a range of topics

Unlike most business databases, we rely on the accuracy of our data for regular publication (in Ethical Consumer print magazine and consumer website).

The Corporate Research Database was previously marketed as the Corporate Critic database by Ethical Consumer since 1993, but we changed its name in 2019 to align it more closely with the Ethical Consumer brand.


How it works

Once you subscribe, you are able to use the search tools to easily search for the records of suppliers, sponsors, contractors and competitors.

Access is 24x7, 365 days a year. 

  • View corporate structure, ownership data and related brands.
  • View an organisation’s overall ethical rating from 0 to 15.
  • View individual stories with referenced sources for ethical issues relating to a company.
  • Refine and sort results by date and ethical category.

Company Search allows you to search for a specific company, organisation or brand. For example, searching for ‘Apple Inc’ will bring up information about the company, along with all the research and analysis Ethical Consumer has conducted relating to this company.

company search view
Results on Company Search when searching for 'apple inc'.

Story Search allows you to search for a specific topic or issue. For example, searching for ‘palm oil’ would bring up all stories and analyses relating to palm oil.

Story search view
First results on Story Search screen when searching for 'palm oil'.



We offer different rates depending on whether the subscription is for a commercial business or a not-for-profit / academic institution.

We also offer discounts depending on size of institution.


  • 3 months: £500 (+VAT)
  • 12 months: £1200 (+VAT)

Academic / Not-for-Profit / Co-operative

  • 3 months: £360 (+VAT)
  • 12 months: £850 (+VAT)

Discounts according to size of institution

If your organisation has an annual turnover of under £10.2m a discounted rate is available:

  • Under £5m: 10% discount
  • Between £5m-£10.2m: 5% discount

Subscribe today to gain full access to data on over 25,000 companies, brands and organisations, from multinational corporations to small independent co-operatives.

To find out more, to request a free demonstration or to subscribe, please email, or telephone Alex Crumbie on +44 (0)161 226 2929.