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What’s my company’s ethical rating?

Have you ever wondered how your company would fair against Ethical Consumer’s rating system?

Our quick and cost effective screenings service will help your business by reviewing its ethical policies and practices.

By assessing your company against our bespoke ethical rating system, we can offer you key insights into where your business can make improvements and become more sustainable and ethical.

Ethical Consumer has over 30 years of experience reviewing and rating companies’ policies and practices across a wide variety of business sectors.

What a report covers:

A standard report will include:

  • A brief company overview
  • Ownership information
  • Overall ethical rating according to our unique Ethiscore ratings system
  • Criticisms and concerns
  • Our database records giving abstracts of issues, under specific ethical categories

Please note that our rating system covers whole company groups, so if your company is owned by another company this will affect your rating.

Research sources

A report will draw together information from a range of sources, including:

  • A company questionnaire completed by yourself
  • Data from 30 years of research in our Corporate Critic database
  • Checks on a company's ownership
  • Press search of mainstream, business and campaign group sources

Prices and ordering

We have tiered pricing for the ‘What’s my company's ethical rating?’ report.

Small / standard company (<£10.2m turnover)

15 working day turnaround: £200 (+ VAT)

Large business (>£10.2m turnover)

15 working day turnaround: £350 (+ VAT)

Ordering and further information

To order a screening or to find out more please call +44 (0)161 226 2929, and ask for the Screenings team, or email