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About the Ethical Consumption Review

We are interested in publishing articles which shed new light or bring new ideas into the world of ethical consumption. 

Relevant subjects might include, but are not limited to: sustainable consumption, boycotts and buycotts, ethical labelling, greenwash, corporate power, and possible relevant book reviews or conference reports.

The target audience includes: academics or professionals working in this area, ordinary consumers and ethical businesses.

Writing guidelines

Avoiding technical or specialist language where possible should help us communicate subjects more widely.

    1. The word limit is 1,500 but we are happy to receive shorter articles from 750 words up to this limit.

    2. We will need an illustrative image, graphic or photo (ideally in landscape or square) that is copyright enabled, with details of attribution.

    3. We will need a brief author bio including details of academic background or affiliations.

    4. We will need a link to a/your webpage for further information.

    5. References should be in the form of a hyperlink where possible.

    6. We also ask you to prepare a minimum of three draft tweets which could be interesting quotes fro the article.

If you are interested in making a submission, please email us using enquiries [@] with the words Ethical Consumption review in the title. Please allow 14 days for us to respond.

Why Publish in the Ethical Consumption Review?

Dissemination on social media

Each article will be disseminated to the more than 15,000 twitter followers of Ethical Consumer in the month each article is published, ideally using the tweets or images you have provided.

It always helps if you have your own or an institutional twitter account (e.g. university department, organisation, etc) for inclusion in the tweets.

If you are not active on twitter but think that the subject matter you are discussing might be interesting to our Facebook or Instagram followers, and you have your own accounts on these other media, please let us know.

Occasionally, if we think piece might be of interested to our wider consumer readership, we might mention it in our bi-monthly print magazine Ethical Consumer.

Who is behind the ECR

Rob Harrison is currently editor of the ECR but he is receiving informal advice from JCE’s former editorial board which includes: Professor Deirdre Shaw, Dr Dan Welch and Dr Sarah Hall.

Between 2017 and 2020 Ethical Consumer trialled the idea of a formal academic journal called the Journal of Consumer Ethics.

It published four issues which are now archived here.

In 2020 Ethical Consumer decided to move to publishing shorter academic and technical articles directly on its site with less formal academic review.  Our current plan for 2021 is to publish twelve articles this year in this format.

In time we plan to archive articles themed by subject as well as by publication date.