Ethical Consumer Markets Report

The Ethical Consumer Markets Report has been acting as an important barometer of UK spending since 1999. We track sales data across a wide range of consumer sectors.

The report is trusted and used by businesses, academics and the UK Government. 

Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2019

This year marks 20 years of our reporting on the size of the UK ethical consumer market. This report was introduced in 1999 to bridge the gap between consumers’ claims to shop ethically and the actual impact of their consumption decisions.

Twenty years on it’s a good time to reflect on the changes that have taken place and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Back in 1999, the total size of ethical consumer markets in the UK was just £11.2bn. Today, on a conservative basis, the figure is almost four times that at £41.1bn.

This represents an almost four-fold increase, while over the same period UK household expenditure has grown by just over 2%.

In particular, we have seen the most significant growth in Ethical Food and Drink and on Green Home expenditure.